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Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences at Delaware City University!

Today's dynamic workplace requires professionals with a strong educational foundation who can succeed in a variety of organizations and in a variety of capacities within those organizations. With degree programs in general studies, Delaware City University is committed to helping students develop a broad-based education to meet their professional, academic, and personal goals. Through our quality distance learning programs, we have a demonstrated record of helping students acquire the tools to make significant contributions to both their employers and to the communities in which they live and work.

Online Learning Programs:

Professional Associate Degree Programs

Associate of Fine Arts

Associate in General Studies

Professional Bachelor Degree Programs

Bachelor in General Studies
Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts - Drawing and Painting
Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts - Entertainment 2D
Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts - Entertainment 3D
Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts - Illustration


Application for Admissions

To submit an application by email, you may do so:

  1. Download a College of Arts and Science Application, click here. (PDF file)
  2. Complete the application
  3. Email to: