Once you have completed an undergraduate degree you may want to undertake a research masters degree or a research doctorate. This type of study gives you the opportunity to develop highly specialized knowledge and expertise in the research field of your choice.

Postgraduate research differs from postgraduate coursework studies in that it consists of independent research on a specialized topic. If you are looking for information on postgraduate coursework, you can search postgraduate coursework degrees on the Postgraduate Courses page.

Embarking on a postgraduate research degree

If you want to take your professional skills to a higher level, advance your career prospects or pursue your passion for a field of research, then consider a postgraduate research degree. A research masters or research doctorate is a personalized degree in which you undertake a research project mutually agreed upon by you the student and the university.

A research masters will build on the skills and knowledge you developed in your undergraduate degree. Supported by a research supervisor, you can undertake advanced research in your field and develop the skills to apply, and critically evaluate various research methodologies.

Doctorates are the highest level of academic achievement. You will develop advanced skills in research, critical thinking and problem-solving, and contribute to knowledge that benefits industry and the community. To undertake a research doctorate you will be required to complete at least an undergraduate degree plus honours.

Give yourself a few months advance planning time to investigate a research field that interests you as well as what university best suits your research interests and personal needs. If there is a specific topic that you are passionate about, it will naturally influence your choice of supervisor. Alternatively you may have a specific project, university or supervisor in mind. It is recommended to start your search early, finding a supervisor or project can take some time, so you can meet university application deadlines as well as access to funding.

Topic and Supervisor

You will need a rough idea of your research project and at least one confirmed supervisor to apply for a postgraduate research degree at Delaware City University. However, you will usually have a few months after commencing your degree to refine your research topic and it is not unusual for project plans to change significantly during this period.