Student Experience

Where you learn matters, and previewing the experience is an important part of your decision. That's why we've opened up our University Now learning platform to prospective students to browse and get a sense of the coursework.

We take flexibility seriously

Delaware City University is built around you. We know that going to school is an important commitment, and we understand that you have many other responsibilities in your life. We consider flexibility in every aspect of our learning environment, including the self-paced coursework, options for faculty interaction, and student-scheduled exams.

Choose when you start school

At Delaware City University, we do not follow the constraints of a traditional academic calendar. Our programs are divided into 16-week terms, each with a flexible start date. You can choose to begin your term on any Monday of the month.
We also offer you the option of taking a month off after you finish a term and before you begin your next set of courses. School can start after that family vacation, your daughter’s soccer season, or your big presentation at work.

Study at your own pace

Our courses are designed for you to concentrate on new material and progress rapidly through stuff you’ve already seen. There is no time limit to completing your coursework, or even your entire degree program. While most Delaware City University students complete an average of three courses per term, if you feel you have the time and space for it, you can talk to your Student Advisor about taking on a heavier workload. This way, you can work toward fulfilling your degree at your own pace.

School where and when you want it

We’ve designed a revolutionary learning environment that allows you to do your reading, complete your assignments, and take your exams wherever you are. All textbooks and course materials are included online, and you can schedule your final exam at your own convenience. so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home when the time comes for you to wrap up a course