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Welcome to the College of Aviation Sciences at Delaware City University!

Online Learning Programs:

Professional Bachelor Degree Programs

Bachelor of Aeronautics

This degree plan is effective for those starting this degree program in fall 2014 through summer 2015. This degree plan will remain in effect for students who do not break enrollment or who do not change degree programs, concentrations or cognates.

Bachelor of Aviation Management (Airport Administration)

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management (Airport Administration) is a 122-credit hour online program designed primarily to prepare adult learners for airport managerial positions. Students are encouraged to develop a sound philosophy, a strong sense of ethics, and effective problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Bachelor of Air Navigation Systems

The bachelor’s degree in Air Navigation Systems will provide you with training in airspace organisation and management, avionics, and the communication, navigation and surveillance systems required for air transport and traffic. You will get a solid grounding in key technical subjects: navigability; communication, geolocation and observation satellites; meteorology; electronic instrumentation; and flight control systems. You will learn to apply this knowledge to the planning of flight routes and airspace management, and to the development, design, implementation and maintenance of communication, navigation and surveillance systems. After completing the course, you will be well prepared to train as an air traffic controller or take competitive civil service examinations for positions in the sector.

Bachelor of Airport Engineering

The bachelor’s degree in Airport Engineering will provide you with training in the design, development, maintenance and management of airport and aviation-support infrastructure. You will gain a solid grounding in air transport and maintenance of runways, hangars, terminal and service buildings, control towers, and passenger and cargo access ways, as well as studying airport construction, maintenance and management. You will also learn how to apply the technical skills you develop in relation to geotechnical engineering, electrical and communications facilities, structures, building construction and air navigation infrastructure, aerodromes, heliports and alti ports.

Professional Master Degree Programs

Master of Science in Aviation Administration

The Master of Science in Aviation Administration with a concentration in Aviation Management requires completion of 36 semester hours consisting of an 18-hour core, 9 hours in the chosen concentration, and 9 hours of electives with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or greater. If necessary, an additional 3 hours may be taken to complete the thesis; however, these hours may not be applied toward elective requirements.
Candidate must
1. successfully complete a written comprehensive examination (may be taken no more than twice) the semester in which the candidate intends to graduate;
2. Successfully complete a thesis or applied research capstone project.

Master of Aviation–Aviation Safety

The Master of Science in Aviation – Aviation Safety (online) degree program is designed for adult working professionals in public, private and military aviation-related professions where advanced knowledge of aviation safety is necessary. Persons interested in aviation safety management, accident/incident investigation, technical aviation consulting and educational, regulatory or investigative positions in government or private organizations would find this program appropriate.
The degree is especially relevant for those who have earned undergraduate degrees in aviation-related fields or those who have gained aviation foundational knowledge through experience and now require more specialized aviation safety knowledge. Individuals without current experience in aviation-related fields may be accepted into this program; however, a prerequisite (AVT 5000 Airspace Safety) may be required.
The goal of the program is to prepare individuals for advanced leadership positions in public, private and military aviation sectors with specific skills and competencies in aviation safety.

Master of Commercial Aviation

Full admission to the Master of Commercial Aviation program is granted to an applicant who:
1.Has earned a bachelor degree which is fully accredited by one of the recognized accrediting agencies, and meets all other requirements for admission to graduate school.
2.Has earned at least a 3.0 grade point average in the bachelor degree.
Provisional admission may be afforded a student who does not have a 3.0 overall undergraduate quality point average or an undergraduate aviation core quality point average. Full admission is generally granted upon completion of 9 hours with a quality point average of 3.0; students may not exceed 9 hours of graduate credit when provisional in status.

Professional Doctoral Degree Programs

Doctoral of Aviation Management

Develop mastery of the central theories and concepts in the field of aviation, including foundations, safety management, economics, and regulatory procedures.
Pose and solve theory-based and research-based problems designed to advance applications in the field of aviation.
Extend the aviation body of knowledge by conceiving, planning, producing, and communicating original research.
Develop and demonstrate expertise in instructional processes.
Demonstrate leadership, collaboration, and communication necessary for scholarly work in aviation.

Application for Admissions

To submit an application by email, you may do so:

  1. Download a College of Arts and Science Application, click here. (PDF file)
  2. Complete the application
  3. Email to: